Saturday, January 10, 2015

IT'S 2015 !!

Ola. Bonjour.
Haha i just cant believe that it is now 2015. I finally graduated last year. Yeahhhhhh! After struggling myself i have finally gotten myself a degree and a job now.

I just finished reading all my previous blog posts and it made me feels like posting a new post which i am doing now. Great things happened to me. Big changes. Lets just hope i will keep fighting to be a better me.

So thats all for now. Ill post more if i have time. Well im a career woman now. Lol.

See u.


Monday, March 11, 2013

New Semester!

This post is actually to try out the blog it application.

Anyway, new semester already started. My result is out and it is wayyy better than the previous result. Alhamdulillah.

I am currently trying to let myself back in the study mood since i was too busy and tense before managing this semester courses.

Recently, i can feel that i am easily feels down whenever things did not goes like i was hoping to.

I think i need a day off or two just to release all the negative vibes inside me and around me.

Lets just take all the positive side and make miracle happens. I am gonna aim high this time and enjoy myself even in reality, i know works given are stacking up.


P/s: mount climbing expidition has been postponed to 3/5/2013.


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Happy New Year!! though its not new anymore.


I think it was a great year for me. 
I changed. I can say that i was a Queen of laziness. 
I don't even know how i manage to pass the previous exam since i didn't study anything.
But now, i am a bit better than before. Much better actually. I submitted almost 100% of my assignments. I've done my final exam much better. I went to class. I rarely skipped the class. 
And i know which lecturers teach which courses. Nahhh.. i didn't know my lecturers before.
An improvement? Yes. I am proud for myself. But i am really thankful to be in a circle of generous and lovable friends. I met some great friends. They motivate me whenever i felt like giving up and we share the same story. HAHA. 
Thank you Jacynta, Siti, Gg, Pyang and others.

Lets just hope we got better results this time. 

For 2013,
 i started my year with ofcourse New years' resolutions. But im gonna keep it to myself. :)

One thing to make this year an exciting year is i am going to climb that mountain.. yeap, the highest mountain in southeast asia, KINABALU MOUNTAIN, on April. Finally!
I told my dad about it and he said 'Ko fit kah mahu naik itu gunung?'. And i am not. Whatever. I just need to jog and start to really build my stamina. I don't know if my ibu knows about it. I'll let her know later. 

Few friends are going too. So i am excited!
See u on April, peak!

Till then,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assignments and midterms are waiting for me but here i am. Surfing the net just and letting the precious time passed by wasted. I am not in the mood to finish all the tasks given. The tv is on. Too much distractions. So i  decided to look through my bf's memory card. I found our old photos and suddenly realized that we don't have our recent photo. Together. I just wish i have extra money to buy a camera. A proper camera. Bluff no more. Here are several photos in the SD card.

Before climbing the ums peak.

Odec 2008

Sapi Island

Hahahahaa same pose everytime. Lol. Its good to have photos. Just that the memories won't be forgotten.
I was actually regret for not taking photos. Each memories passed by without significant memories. Where u can look at, and reminisce each moment. I didn't mean our(my bf and i) memories, its include memories with families. Looking back at those pictures made me think i should have done more outdoor activities instead of letting my lazy ass getting big. We should enjoy our lives right?

ahhh,, I can see this post is heading to nowhere. I better stop then. Anyway, enjoy your life to the fullest.  Or else, u'll regret it. 

See ya,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nothing but nothing

I need inspirations and motivation.

Anything that can inspire me whenever i am down or give up.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


For almost a year  i have abandoned this blog.
I am actually in the mood to write but my mind goes blank now.
Ok here are some things happened in previous months.

1. I went to nutrition club in Ld and i realized that i gained 10++kg in two years. and i think the numbers is still increasing.
2. I am still a student. haha and surprisingly, i really put efforts this time. Lets pray that i will be holding a degree before i turn 26.
3. Two of my besties are married. Sherlyn Claire @ Fong and Zella @ Killer. Congratulations for both of u. 
4. Ah i forgot what to type.

Ok, here are big events going to happen this year 2012. InsyaAllah.

1. My big bro's wedding. Since i am 10++kg overweight, i am planning to lose kgs before the wed. amin.

2. Chris' wedding on Dec 2012.

3. My final exam since last two semester and hopefully i'll do it better than last time.

4. and the list goes on.. hehe

Ok lah. I'll write again next time. With better contents and stories.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Story of July

Lots of thing happened in July. Now, it ends and August is here.

I turn 23 in 15 of July, 1 year older than before. Something bad happened. But i manage to handle it. Hoping for the best in upcoming days. My birthday was celebrated at a restaurant. And no birthday cakes since it was forbidden for my diet.[kununlah]. Guess i shall act like a real adult now.  Okay, no more birthday story.

A burglar got into our house at LD. and the scariest part is i saw the burglar. Thank God nothing bad happened to us. A traumatic experience.

On 30 of July. My brother, the only brother, Jay get engaged. For sure with his bestfriend for life, Cinoi.
I am happy for him. Can't wait for their wedding next year, i suppose. InsyaAllah. Amin amin amin.

Since he engage already, i wonder when is my turn. LOL.

I  am now in Kota Kinabalu doing nothing but gaining weight. haha.
oh, i'm quite sure this post is really messy. Haven't write for a long time. Hectic laziness.

i am hit by sentimental songs.

up and away,

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